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Philippe Coval



Philippe Coval is a FLOSS enthusiast and GNU/Linux user since mid 1990s, since then, he has contributed to various communities such as Debian, Openmoko, Maemo, Meego, Qt, Tizen, IoTivity, OE/Yocto, Mozilla...

As a software engineer, he has worked in many different contexts. He was lucky to be part of rare OpenSource teams supported by Industry (Intel, Samsung). His current main focus is about Privacy By Design IoT. Feel free to reach him if you need community support about free software or open hardware generally and Web+IoT in particular. Catch him either online or at some FLOSS events.



c++, debian, demos, diy, floss, gnulinux, iot, javascript, linux, opensource, software developement


英語, フランス語



  • XMPP/Jabber:
  • Mastodon:
  • Mozilla Wiki: Rzr
  • Twitter: RzrFreeFr


  • Lissy Alexandre

    Efficient contributor spreading the word of MozIOT and investing personnal time in attending events.

  • Fabien Benetou

    Philippe is a passionate free and open source software contributor in general eager to help newcomers understand new technologies and their impact. He notably worked on link Web of Things with immersive web (using AFrame and more).

  • Ludovic Hirlimann

    PHilippe particpates to events and demoes the Mozilla web IOT tools to the world.

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