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Mozillian 歴 5 年 Oct 2014
Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
08:52 Asia/Dhaka

Zulkernain Tasin

design build and test


Hello :) I am Tasin from #Bangladesh. I wanna be with this community and I wanna learn many things about #Firefox and also about others also. I wanna learn more staffs and wanna contribute a lot to this Community.


advance java, advance java programming, advanced html, amateur javascript, basic c cpp, html css javascript, jquery


ベンガル語, 英語, ヒンディー語, ウルドゥー語



  • Deryan Everestha Maured

    He's a newbie, but he has enthusiastically contributed as firefox os developer, and now he is learning to make the firefox os application complete projects

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