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Mozillian 歴 5 年 Oct 2014
London, England, United Kingdom
01:16 Europe/London

Mark Varga

Volunteering at MozFests from 2014


Studied Computer Engineering and English Language and Literature - loves Language, which is part of Computing and Culture. Started as a programmer; later deciding to specialise in Administration, Administrative Scripting on Microsoft server and client products, aiming to keep up with the accelerated development of Cloud products of MS. Loves good causes in IT (and in general); that is where my love for what Mozilla represents originates.


  • Spike (Chris Foote)

    Mark have volunteered at the Mozilla Festival in London in 2014 and 2015. He always gives 100% & is a great Mozillian.

  • Yousef Alam

    Mozfest 2014 volunteer

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