Mozillian のプロファイル

Ira Puspita


makassar, mozilla indonesia


blogging, event organizer, social media


英語, インドネシア語



  • Muhammad Fachrul Razy

    She always helped every Mozilla event in Makassar and Sinjai. She also always encourage people in her community to contribute to Mozilla in particular and to the open web in general

  • Shinta Setiawan

    An active Mozillian, mostly operating in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. She has contributed to Mozilla for years, supporting the local community and helping with events held by Mozilla Indonesia.

  • Fauzan Alfi Agirachman

    She's an active Mozillian in South Sulawesi. Always helps and support local and international Mozilla community events.

  • Yofie Setiawan

    She is an awesome Mozillian! She lives in Sinjai, South Sulawesi. She always help us, Mozilla Reps, to be part of Open Source related events at South Sulawesi.

  • Irayani Queencyputri

    She helped every Mozilla event in South Sulawesi. In Makassar or in Sinjai.


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