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Mozillian 歴 7 年 Sep 2013

Gerard Tyedmers



  • Jason Weathersby

    Gerard is very active writing HTML5 games and has submitted some very good Firefox OS games to the Marketplace. He is a big proponent for the web, very active community member and a pleasure to work with.

  • Havi Hoffman

    I met Gerard through the Firefox Phones for Apps program that the tech evangelism team ran in 2013-2014. He's created a couple of well-rated mobile game apps for the platform and then became an active and responsive translator on our apps localization platform. I'm glad he's becoming more involved with technical evangelism and the MozCH community. Thanks Gerard!

  • Colin Frei

    Gerard is an active member of the Mozilla Switzerland community, regularly advocating the web, also through games he develops on Firefox OS.

  • Michael Kohler

    Gerard is a MozillaCH community member who is very involved in Mozilla Switzerland. He also creates Firefox OS apps.

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