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12:53 Asia/Tokyo

YUKI "Piro" Hiroshi

Technical support for corporation users, developing of Firefox add-ons


I'm a developer of addons for Mozilla browser including both Firefox and old application suite like Mozilla 1.0. Today I'm working at the ClearCode Inc. to support solving technical issues around Firefox and Thunderbird at various companies.

Moreover, I'm long interested of Web standard technologies to publish my arts - illustration and cartoon comics - to the world.. It is the main motivation for me around Firefox. "System Admin Girl", a comic-style technical article is issued at a monthly magazine, "Nikkei Linux".

If you know the name 'SHIMODA "Piro" Hiroshi', it's me. I married at 2012 and changed my family name from "Shimoda" to "Yuki".

Firefoxができる以前からMozillaブラウザ用の拡張機能を開発・公開してきました。 それが縁で就職に繋がり、今は株式会社クリアコードでFirefox・Thunderbirdの法人ユーザ向け技術サポートの担当者として働いています。






addon dev, addon development, addons, asia


add-ons, cartoon comic, coding, creative, css, digital illustration, html, illustration, javascript, xul




  • dynamis

    Most famous Japanese extension developer. He has contributed on bugzilla, MDN and many other places for developers. He also published numerous documents for enterprise support, extension development etc. also: Father of Foxkeh!

  • Atsushi Shimono

    legend of addons in Japan.

  • Masahiko Imanaka

    He is legendary developer of add-ons, and supporting Mozilla products for corporation as his work. He is also a designer of famous Firefox character.

  • Takeshi Hamasaki

    He is the author of many addons for Firefox. He is also one of authors of several books related to Firefox published in Japan, for instance "Firefox Hacks Rebooted", "Firefox 3 Hacks."


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