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Mozillian 歴 5 年 Jan 2013
Rieti, Latium, Italy
00:58 Europe/Rome
IRC : Mte90

Daniele Scasciafratte

Developer, Evangelist, Mentor


Co-Founder and CTO of a Web Agency in Rome, Codeat. Core Contributor of WordPress, member of the WordPress Italia community as PTE and WP Rome meetup co-organizer. President of Industria Italiana del software libero (Italian association for professional that work with open source software).

"My friends say that I am an OpenSource Multiversal that is the best way to explain myself in few words"

Actual: Mozilla Reps Council, Mozilla TechSpeakers, Mozilla Rep

He has contributed as contributor:

He has contributed as developer:

Old Programs: TBTW Coach Campaign, Foxfooding program, TCP program participant, Apps on Flame, Firefox OS App Days, Mozilla Club Captain, Mozilla Campus Club Regional Coordinator.


Access Groups

nda, open innovation, slack-access, mozilla reps mentor, reps_leadership


bash, css, debian, firefox, html, italy, l10n:it, linux, mozilla italia, python, qt, sf-monument, web development, mozspeakers, coding, developer tools, social contributors, evangelism, europe, mentor, events, wordpress, javascript, developer engagement, php, addons, techspeakers, contributor engagement, marketing, localization, program management, orlando-contributors-2018


addons, bash, coaching, community building, community engagement, contribute, css, debian, evangelist, foss speaker, javascript, jquery, kde, linux, nodejs, open source, participation, php, python, qt, wordpress


英語, エスペラント語, スペイン語, イタリア語




  • Henrik Mitsch

    Daniele is a Mozilla Rep and regular contributor to Participation Systems.

  • Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen

    Contributed actively to handling our site compatibility bugs in Italy and also organised other volunteers to help out.

  • Amy Tsay

    Daniele is an active contributor, developer, evangelist, and localizer. He was also the Marketplace contributor of the month for Sep 2014:

  • Francesco Lodolo

    Daniele is a member of the Italian community, helped with the Firefox OS training during the launch in Italy, and also active in meetings and events about Firefox OS.

  • Havi Hoffman

    Daniele contributes to Mozilla in many ways - as an Open Web app developer, app localizer, Marketplace day participant, recruiter of new contributors -- an all-around good guy and splendid Mozillian.

  • Jason Weathersby

    Daniele has helped a lot of developers with Firefox OS, translations, and presenting Mozilla technologies.


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