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Mozillian 歴 4 年 Feb 2014
IRC : nyba90


Mozilla Representative & Tech Speaker


boot2gecko, evangelism, marketing, mobile, mozilla africa, mozspeakers, developer documentation, techspeakers


.css2 css3 html php, .css3, .java, .javascript, android app developement, boot2gecko, bootstrap, communications, digital marketing, firefox, firefox addon, firefox club, firefox os app dev, firefox student ambassador, front end development, html5, jquery mobile, leadership, mobile web development, php web development, polymer web components


英語, フランス語



  • Tshepo Tamajobe

    Aka is a very passionate mozillian who has been helping many Mozilla contributors find their way, I'm one of those people he has mentored to become successful mozillians and now I'm Regional Ambassador Lead-Africal all because of him. Thank you Brou Yannick

  • KOUADIO M'man Ange Manuela

    AKA is a very committed volunteer in the SFA program and it's always a real pleasure to work with him. Always available and ready to help he participated as a member of the Ivory Coast team in the challenge launched by firefox bones Africa and to draft article for the Africa firefox OS blog It also organizes Hackathon between developer and provides an event for contribution on the MDN project. links:

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