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Mozilliano da 5 anni May 2013
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
23:17 Europe/Berlin
IRC : trishul

Trishul Goel

Extensions Developer | Tech Speaker | Bug squasher @ AMO


open source enthusiast, Frontend developer, loves to play with Javascript

Mozilla and Me:

  • AMO
  • App Dev
  • Evangelism
  • Reps

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nda, mozilla reps mentor, slack-access


developer tools, sf-monument, web development, add-ons, asia, india, mozspeakers, evangelism, community builders, developer engagement, mozilla india, app reviewers, addon development, javascript, webmaker mentor, firefox student ambassadors, coding, speaker, community, contributor engagement, mcr - mozilla community rajasthan, firefox, fossasia, techspeakers


.css3 html5 javascript, community building, mentoring, public speaking


Inglese, Hindi

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  • Caitlin Neiman

    Trishul is an awesome member of Mozilla's add-ons community. He has landed more than 45 code contributions to AMO (and has even started mentoring bugs!), developed extensions, taught developers how to build extensions, and created video tutorials for new developers. He's been a terrific community leader.

  • Frédéric Harper

    There is no doubt that Trishul is working hard to make the web even more open when you look as his blog (like the MiniCamp he just organize at Jaipur), the Firefox OS applications he submitted to the marketplace to help the ecosystem grow or some of the bugs he fixed. I'm glad Trishul is part of Mozilla.

  • Ajay Kumar Jogawath

    Trishul is an amazing mozillian contributing in different projects like bugzilla, firefox os apps, community building. His constant contribution to firefox apps made him an app reviewer from app developer.

  • Amy Tsay

    Trishul is a dedicated contributor and awesome app developer with a couple of 5-star-rated apps on Firefox Marketplace. We look forward to having him on the app review team.

  • Ram Dayal Vaishnav

    He is an amazing community builder & App developer. He is working hard to build community in India. He is very active and taking lot of initiatives in Mozilla Community Rajasthan. He is also an App Reviewer.

  • Meghraj Suthar

    He is contributing in Bugzilla and submitting patches as well as he is a app reviewer for FxOS and awesome community builder.


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