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Mozilliano da 4 anni Jun 2014
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
02:36 America/New_York
IRC : siddhartharao17

Siddhartha Rao

FirefoxOS AppDev,Tech evangelism,Community Building,Privacy Teaching


Pace University Graduate Student | Web Developer | FOSS & Security Enthusiast | Python favoring | Blogger | Sportsman | Hardcore Foodie | Traveler | A proud Mozillian :)

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application security, basic python, communication, community organizer, css, cyberdefense, cybersecurity, datastructures, ethical hacking, event management, html5, information security, java, javascript, linux, network security, teamwork


Inglese, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi

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  • Mehul Patel

    I have known Siddhartha for quite some time now. He is one of the most robust, active, leading, enthusiastic and participating contributors I have come across. Citing an example, there was this event "AppDays" in Nashik, organized by him, for which there was a budget issue, however, he went against all odds to make the event a roaring success. I feel really happy to vouch him for his overall contributions.

  • Mayur Sharad Patil

    Siddhartha is a passionate Firefox Student Ambassador. who is engaged in Firefox OS app development and technical evangelism. He is a good speaker and a great app developer. Keep up good work!!

  • Mayur Patil

    This is vouch to Siddhartha for FSA, FxOS Apps Dev, Coding evangelism and Community Activism. Keep up good work, Siddharatha !!

  • Ankit Gadgil

    Siddhartha is a dedicated and an enthusiastic Mozillian, he contributes to Firefox OS app dev and Technical evangelism.

    From community events to app days workshops he can be seen working and helping proactively.

    His app dev contributions can be found here:

    A security enthusiast, you can read his thoughts here:

  • Prof. (Dr) Kailas Ravsaheb Patil

    Firefox Student Ambassador and developing apps for FirefoxOS


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