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Pranshu Khanna

Rep, Resource Rep | Co-Organizer @HealthierAI


I work as an Intel® @AI4Youth Trainer. I’m a Community Ninja who loves to help people out and Mentor people towards their desired goals. I truly believe in Work Open Lead Open. I love building Communities! I help them implement campaigns and contribute to the mission that Mozilla has. I’m very passionate for the Web, which stays with us in sickness and health.

My journey started in 2016, when I became a Firefox Student Ambassador and Co-Founded the BITFox Club in their Campus. I became a Representative, when I finally had the time to take on the responsibility and could be held accountable to the Community I love. I then became the Rep of the Month in June 2019, right when I completed my 3-month orientation period. Since then, I have become a Rep of the Month for Dec 2019, Co-Organized Healthier AI and been to MozFest 2019, London.

Brief Bio:

  • MozFam <3
  • MozGuj
  • Mozilla Representative
  • Resource Rep
  • Mantainer, Mozilla Open Design
  • Co-Organizer of @HealthierAI. A Community inspired by MozOpenLeaders.
  • Mentor, Mozilla Open Leaders for Cohort 5, 6, 7

Spoke at:

  • MozFest 2018, London
  • FootPrintsX9, Vadodara
  • LetsPy 2k19, Kollam
  • TechConf 2019, Jodhpur
  • DevFest 2019, Ranchi
  • IBM ThinkCon 2019, London
  • MozFest 2019, London



  • Mozilla Open Design
  • FSA, Campus Clubs
  • Web AR/VR/XR
  • FoxHunt
  • Web Extensions
  • MozSquad
  • Flutter Vadodara

Catch more updates from Pranshu’s posts on:

La storia della mia collaborazione

Approvato da

  • Prathamesh Chavan

    Pranshu has been one of the active Mozillians in India and has recently become a Mozilla Rep. Link : He has been actively involved in community building and management and has been conducting events around WebVR. I am happy to vouch Pranshu :)

  • Md Shahbaz Alam

    Pranshu is a passionate mozillian and a true open source contributor. He loves to contribute to WebVR and Open Design Project. Now he is turning into a mentor, we do need him as a mentor. Happy to vouch for you. Keep up the good work.

  • Rahul Talreja

    Pranshu is a great contributor and super active FSA of his region. He played an important role in recruiting new FSAs and new mozillians during my latest event WOT footprints X6 in Baroda, Gujarat. He also played his best in volunteering at same two day event.


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