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Fernando Espinoza

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Hi, I'm Fernando Espinoza

I am a systems engineer, I am a member of the Mozilla community since 2012

Participate in the group of student ambassadors for the mozilla community, when I was a student at the university

In the local community of Mozilla I have organized events to promote mozilla firafox as a browser for excellence, I also participate in international events such as ECSL, Fundcon, Worcamp, to promote the community, its mission and vision about freedom on the web.

I am currently collaborating in the translation and support group in translating the documentation into the Spanish language, in the platforms of Sumo and Pontoon.

I also work in Advocacy campaigns, generating content and currently translating the Privacy Month Campaing tips to be posted in Mozilla Hispano's Twitter account, so our LATAM Community can share and implement them

I really liked participating in the mozilla AQ group and I am collaborating in the testday for firefox version. I am a faithful collaborator of the project of common voices, I am among the top 10 in the top of validation for the Spanish language

I am an active contributor in sumo and I always participate in the sprint campaign.

Some activities in which I participated:

  • Web freedom event 26 oct 2019(
  • Mozcoffe February 2,2013
  • Mozcoffe October 12, 2014
  • Mozcoffe September 5,2015
  • ECSL August 11,2015(
  • Firefox Quantum 57 test October 8, 2017 (
  • Launch party #NewFirefox November 26, 2017(
  • UCR University of Costa Rica Technology Fair May 8, 2018
  • First Activity Mozilla Nicaragua 2019(
  • Betabughunter June 26, 2019(
  • Mozilla Activate Week 2019 July 31(
  • WordcampManagua May 25 and 26 2019 (
  • Campaign for the month of privacy January 2019
  • TestDay Friday DevEdition 66 Beta 14 – March 8th 2019(
  • Firefox 67 Beta 10 Testday - Friday April 12th 2019(
  • Testday event, for Firefox 67 Beta 16 - Friday May 3rd 2019(
  • Testday event, for Firefox 68 Beta 6 - Friday May 31st 2019(
  • Testday event, for Firefox 68 Beta 10 - Friday June 14th 2019(
  • Testday event, for Firefox Nightly 70 - Friday July 19th 2019(
  • Testday event, for Firefox 69 Beta 14 - Friday August 16th 2019(
  • Firefox 66 SUMO Sprint - March 19, 2019 (
  • Firefox 67 SUMO Sprint - May 28, 2019 (
  • Firefox 68 SUMO Sprint -July 9, 2019 (
  • Firefox 69 SUMO Sprint - September 3, 2019 (
  • Firefox 70 Beta 10 Testday (
  • Talk about freedom on the web in mozilla Hispano(

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user advocacy, localization, sumo


.css3 html5 java javascript, .css3 html5 javascript java datastructure algorit, addon development, angular js, boostrap, css, desarrollo de video tutoriales, diseno grafico, diseno web, materialize, perl 5


Inglese, Spagnolo

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  • Konstantina Papadea

    Fernando is helping a lot by replying user questions during the SUMO days and bringing a positive energy in our weekly meetings. Thanks a lot for all your work :)

  • Gabriela Montagu

    Fernando colaboró en la traducción de los 30 tuits del último Privacy Month de enero 2019. Participó en el SUMO sprint Firefox 66. Actualmente colabora en Control de Calidad de Mozilla Hispano, haciendo pruebas con las distintas versiones de Firefox y participando de los Testdays. ¡Muchas gracias Fernando por tu inestimable colaboración!

  • Carlos Eduardo Cárcamo

    He is an active member of Mozilla Nicaragua. He helps to grow up other mozilla and free software communities in all central america.

  • David Antonio González Blanchard

    Fernando es colaborador en Mozilla Nicaragua y ha participado en muchas actividades promoviendo la innovacion en la web.

  • Luis M. Segundo

    Fernando es miembro de la comunidad Mozilla Nicaragua y participo en el FUDCON Managua

  • Ivan Josue Zeledon Suarez

    fernando colabora en mozilla nicaragua desde 2013


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