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Mozilliano da 11 anni May 2009
Kāsaragod, Kerala, India
13:16 Indian/Mahe
IRC : naviknair

Navaneeth K



Enterprenur , Open Source Enthusiast, Evangelist, developer, Womoz, FOSS enthusiast, Cyber security specialist - kerala cyberdom


android, app developer, app development, app reviewers, army of awesome, asia, beta-tester, bitcoin, bugzilla, community, community builders, computer scientists, coding, labs


android, artificial intellegence, big data, club leading, cyber securities, data science, ethical hacker, leadership, motivational speaker, python, c, java, html5, css3, javascript, statistics and machine learning, techspeaker


Inglese, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil

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  • syamkumar

    Navaneeth is a really active Mozillian, Mozilla Kerala Events coordinator and a campus club Captain for Mozilla Campus club College of Engineering Munnar. I am so honoured to vouch for such an active Mozillian.

  • Kumaresan.C.S

    I have known Navaneeth as an active Mozillian who has done a great job in organizing community events for Mozilla. He has participated in several Mozilla events and has contributed significantly to VR Events and bug tracking. He is well decided to his contribution, that aligns with the mission & Vision of the Mozilla Projects. He is one of the Co-organiser of Mozilla Kerala Reginal Sprint 2018.

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