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Giovanni La Motta


  • Eternal Student
  • Enterpreneurs
  • Nerd Inside
  • Rugby player
  • Boxer
  • Mozilla evangelist
  • Fail! It's the only way to success!

Where I start?

I’ve been dealing with IT consulting, in the area of Benevento, since my first year of computer engineering studies.

So I’m a freelance consultant since 2006. From 2014 till 2016 I’ve been Student’s union representative in the Evaluation Team of the University of Sannio.

What I'm doing now?

Currently I work as external consultant like a system and database administrator for Linkall srl.

I’m also fouder and CEO of a consulting agency about business and marketing.

I’m Marketing manager for Industria Italiana del software libero (Italian association for professional that work with open source software).

The road traveled

Since 2012 I’ve been part of the board of Lilis : an association that deals with open source software and all the correlated stuff.

In 2013, as council member of the student association UnIng together with Lilis, I organized a workshop hosting Richard Stallman as main speaker.

My Mozillian story

After I met Daniele Scasciafratte, in the occasion of the linux day 2015, I entred the Mozilla community, and I worked hard to organize, in 2016, the first event in the University of Sannio for the campaign Take Back The Web organised in cooperation with Iswatlab.

The Linux day 2016 was the occasion to replicate the talk I had for the TBTW in the "G.B. Bosco Lucarelli" highschool.

I also contributed at the creation of the OpenStudentBook.

I’m currently part of the activate group and analyze, together with Daniele Scasciafratte and Edoardo Viola, the activities that could have a bigger impact in the Italian area.

I recently applied to join the communication group, my wish is to share my knowledge and experience as social media manager with the community in order to grow more and more.


.html, .project management .marketing fundamentals .logis, a bit graphic design, a bit mysql, android, event organiser, java, joomla, libreoffice, linux, mssql, promoteur commercial, storytelling, wordpress


Inglese, Italiano

Approvato da

  • Daniele Scasciafratte

    Giovanni, is an amazing guy. He organized the Take Back The Web in Benevento, manage also the Firefox Club in Benevento and helped with the internal organization of the Mozilla Italia Participation team.

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