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Fauzia Ismail

Volunteer, Help organizing events, Assist in trainings


Graduate from Mount Kenya University having pursued Business Information Technology. Interested in Web, Software and Community Development. Participated in Moztour in 2015.


mozilla kenya, womoz, web development, developer tools, ux


css, html5, java, javascript, research


Arabo, Inglese, Swahili

Account esterni

  • Skype: fauzia.ismael

Approvato da

  • Laura de Reynal

    Fauzia is one of our best contributor in the Digital Skills Observatory research project. She is passionate about her work, and demonstrates great social skills and empathy. She is particularly good at teaching and facilitating events. It's a real pleasure to work with Fauzia !

  • Bobby Richter

    As a keen member of the Digital Skills Observatory (, Fauzia is well-spoken, very clever, and tremendously thoughtful. She has contributed to our event planning, event facilitation, and research analysis in the past, and looks to get more involved throughout the year. We're glad to have Fauzia on the team, and know she would be great help on any community or IT-related project.

  • Alifiyah Ganijee

    Fauzia has been a core volunteer at Mozilla Mombasa for almost over 2 years now and she has been a tremendous person. She has been helpful from planning to execution of events as well as has participated on a number of events as a speaker. She is currently also involved on the Digital Skills Observatory initiative at Mozilla.

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