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Mozilliano da 6 anni Sep 2014
California, United States

Cynthia Pereira


Front-end developer, digital communications strategist and entrepreneur with expertise in ICT coordinating and developing projects for the web and implementing and analyzing campaigns for social networks.


Contributes to community building, SUMO, L10n, social media, marketing, inclusion and diversity. I love empower, motivate and hear people to design goals and reach metrics that help to build a better community for all.

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communication and marketing, community development, social media, web development


Inglese, Portoghese brasiliano

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  • João Paulo Polles

    Cynthia is a incredible Mozillian. She did a excellent work on FISL17 in your talks about Security, WoMoz, engaged new volunteers, in your posts on Mozilla Brazil's Social Networks, and mainly on mozillagram. Our community need more volunteer like you.

  • Jhonatas Machado

    Cynthia Pereira did a amazing work in FISL 17, always helping all.

  • Geraldo Barros

    Cynthia Pereira is a great member of the community, it acts leading the diversity team and ensures that all people can participate in the community. She has experience with digital marketing, communication and web development. It is a great professional and communicative.

  • Lucas Coiro

    Cynthia is a very hands-on contributor in areas that are important to WoMoz Brasil success.

  • Cynthia Zanoni

    Cynthia is a mozillian with inspiration and love to work. Support with web development, engagement in all actions looking for strengthen WoMoz Brazil. She's dedicated, partner and very important to community and Mozilla mission at Brazil.

  • Melissa C. Devens

    She is organizing a Mozilla Meet Up in São Paulo and is helping a lot in another projects like WoMoz, Webmaker, Firefox OS, etc. Cynthia is very active in Mozilla Brasil Community and is making the difference.


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