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Mozilliano da 4 anni Jul 2015
Kisumu, Kisumu, Kenya
02:29 Africa/Nairobi

Chandi Tome

We #TeachTheWeb at LakeHub.


Co-founder of and Mozilla Club captain at LakeHub in Kisumu, Kenya.

La storia della mia collaborazione


community development, graphic design, innovation engagement, user research


Inglese, Luo, Swahili

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  • Bobby Richter

    Chandi volunteered his time and energy to the Digital Skills Observatory project that took place in Kenya in 2016. He took part in group planning, workshops, and analysis that helped the project succeed, and was an important bridge into the vibrant open source community in Kenya.

  • Laura de Reynal

    Chandi has contibuted to the Digital Skills Observatory experimental research project in Kenya, in 2016. He facilitated workshops, contributed to curriculum design and learned analysis skills. Chandi is also a community manager and a passionate individual.

  • Alex Wafula

    Chandi is a community leader and enabler of Mozilla contributors in the Kisumu region of Kenya. He's facilitated spaces and platforms for Mozillians in the region to run activities

  • Amira Dhalla

    Chandi is a Club Captain of Mozilla Club Kisumu and is dedicated to helping others teach the web in his community!

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