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Anubha Maneshwar

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  • Kamlesh Vilpura

    I personally met anubha in makerfest 2017. She is one of the best personalities i ever met. Her contribution lies in the areas like teach the web, take back the internet. She is a formar FSA, also she has done a remarkable work in maker fest 2017. She has engaged many womoz in mozilla via Girlscript

    So, Cheers to a very enthusiastic & potential soul.. :-)

  • Rufus Chakravarthy Sharma

    Anubha is one of the active and enthusiastic Mozillian I have seen. Her contribution to activate Mozilla campaign is appreciable. She is always a Mozilla Gujarat Social Media active partner. She front-ends in spreading awareness & news about the most of the events that occur in Mozilla Gujarat community. I am happy to vouch for her

  • Nikhil Patel

    Anubha is one of the awesome Mozillian in Nagpur. She has recently completed club captain training and one of the few members in Social Support Group of Mozilla. She has also actively volunteered for Maker Party Gujarat and other events. .


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