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Mozilliano da 5 anni Oct 2013
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
17:19 Europe/Stockholm

Åke Nygren

Connecting librarians to the Mozilla community and Mozilla tools


Making digital social things for the library community in Stockholm, Sweden & the world.

Blogger on, a blog exploring the intersection between the Mozilla community and the library world.

Running the independent mobile makerspace


librarians, mozillarians, open badges, webmaker


Inglese, Spagnolo, Svedese

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  • Oliver Propst

    Åke have done great efforts with introducing Webmaker and digital literacy to a Swedish audience. He often brings a interesting perspectives on things which makes him very valuable for the Swedish Mozilla community where he have a key role.

  • Soumya Kanti Chakraborty

    Åke has been doing commendable work in promoting Webmaker, digital literacy and Mozilla across Sweden and abroad. He always spends an ample amount time to bond libraries, maker world and the web. I have been fortunate to work and learn new things from him. Keep on the good work Åke !

  • Doug Belshaw

    Åke has spoken about Mozilla's work at conferences and continues to contribute by connecting the world of libraries to the mission!

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