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Maharashtra, India

Tripad Mishra

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  • Saurabh Anand

    Tripad has contributed to various areas, from helping with some of the frontend code for the Fx10 website (, to having a crucial contribution in helping organize Maker Party Pune 2014 and a few more makerparties in Pune and Nagpur, to helping with the Firefox OS Bus promotions in Nagpur. I would like to give a Celebration Vouch to Tripad.

  • Priyanka Nag

    Tripad is an awesome Mozillian from Pune. He has taken active leadership roles in many events in Pune. One of the events for which I would like to give Tripad an Impact vouch is the Maker Party Pune 2014. The event wouldn't have been successful without Tripad's contribution is getting partners, sponsorhips, arranging food etc.

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