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I am all about Firefox Addon Dev and helping others with their own FF addons. Especially bootstrapped addons but I can help out with the SDK to some extent.

Check out my website to find resources for FF Addon Dev (@Gists), my released addons (@AMO), and current addons in progress (@GitHub).

I am a huge fan of teaching others, so I like to update MDN. I wish MDN had a thing like Microsoft's MSDN, where people can vote sections as useful. That would make MDN contributors feel like accomplished, knowing that stuff they wrote is helping people out.

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  • Sebastian Hengst

    Noitidart is a very helpful add-on developer supporting other developers on IRC and with documentation on MDN.

  • Janet Swisher

    MDN contributor, especially in add-ons and XPCOM topics.

  • Jeff Griffiths

    Awesome Stackoverflow and IRC contributor for extension development: *


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