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Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
08:27 Asia/Dili

Mrinal Jain

Evangelism Webmaker Mentor SUMO FSA lead Mozillian


Professionally a Front-End developer. Passionate about Open Source and Web Technologies. Mozilla! I love to Volunteer , Organize and/or Speak at the events. Best source to find or contact me is on Facebook ;) , sharing my knowledge and experience on web design & development.

What I do ? - Creating events to get all other Mozillian together. - Spreading to the world about developer tools , Firefox , WebFwd & Firefox OS - Speaking at events and trying to connect both communities and getting more people involved in Mozilla Project.

I love to speak about Developer tools, Firefox OS, and community evangelism.

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sims firefox club, mozilla indore, coding, mozspeakers, famous photo star, army of awesome, mozilla geolocation


css3, desigin, html5, javascript, marketing


Inglese, Francese, Hindi

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  • April Morone

    Mrinal's blog about and dedicated to Mozilla was awesome to see as it shows the work the work he has done not just of WebMaker evets, but of a lot of teaching of code, in general. He inspires me. I am sure that he is inspiring a lot of others, too, out there, with his putgoing personality, with his friendliness, and with his info he teaches. I'm happy to vouch for him.

  • Vaibhav Bajaj

    Mrinal is very good at leading, and also he is active all the time. I found him participated in various projects of Mozilla

    Blog : Webmaker : SUMO : LinkedIn : Mozilla Indore Blog (maintained by me) :


    Vouched for being a great support to Mozilla Indore and also a great contributor at,Webmaker and also as a FSA.

  • Faisal Aziz

    Mrinal is an active contributor and passionate volunteer from Mozilla Community Indore. He is driving different domain projects/workshops in Indore.

    Blog : Webmaker : SUMO : LinkedIn : Mozilla Indore Blog :

  • Swarnava Sengupta

    Mrinal is an active contributor and Mozillian from Indore and is a member of the Mozilla India Community. He is has hosted & attended quite a few local Mozilla events and has also help user on Twitter..

  • Kumaresan.C.S

    I have known Mrinal as an active Mozillian who has done a great job in evangelizing for Mozilla. He has participated in several Webmaker events and has contributed significantly to army of awesomeness.Webmaker Mentor,FSA...


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