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Quentin Frémeaux


Mozilla Reps, Localizer, Rust, WebVR


WebVR enabled and Rust coder. I'm a Reps, you can check my OKRs and Contributions for 2017 with the link below...

La storia della mia collaborazione


localization, evangelism, communications, marketing, firefoxos, firefox os fr comm, rust


c and c++, community engagement, localization, mozilla reps, php css3 html5 javascript jquery, rust, web design + development, webvr


Inglese, Francese

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  • Flore Allemandou

    Quentin is doing an awesome work promoting Firefox OS in France. Participates in writing articles on and creating content.

  • Elio Qoshi

    Quentin is a great enthusiastic community member! He is always positive and tries to see the good in everything. He is a relatively new contributor to Mozilla in France, and has helped out at FOSDEM 2014 where I met him in the Mozilla Dev Room

  • Monique Brunel

    Quentin is a young enthusiastic contributor, proud to help in his own way to contribute to the world of tomorrow.


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