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Adit Bharadwaj


bugzilla, sf-monument, de:webmaker, mcr - mozilla community rajasthan


advance java, basic java, html, html5 css3, javascript, jsp


Inglese, Hindi

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  • Osho Parth

    He is a great mentor for the community. Community Builder always focus on "Growing of Community", He is doing his job with Out of Awesomeness to bring new contributors to Mozilla.

  • Lavish Aggarwal

    Adit is contributing in Mozilla Community Rajasthan in various contribution fields like App Dev, Webmaker, Evangelism,L10 but specially in the field on Webmaker, He is a webmaker mentor.

  • Varun Kaushik

    Adit is a productive contributor of Mozilla Community Rajasthan and is involved and showed his outstanding contributions in the field of: Bugzilla, Webmaker, AppDev, Army of Awesome and helped in the community building of MCR.


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