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Mozillás 5 éve Sep 2015
United States
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Deanna Kosaraju



Deanna Kosaraju is the Leader of the Global Strategic Inclusion Program at Exponential Talent LLC. She is also founder and CEO of Global Tech Women, a network of women in technology offering resources, inspiring role models, mentoring and creating communities in every corner of the world.

Deanna has worked with hundreds of companies, large and small, around the globe in their missions to increase diversity. She assisted IBM, Microsoft, Intel, State Farm Insurance and Google, among many others, on diversity efforts that led to increased productivity, innovation, profitability and greater employee engagement.

Before founding Global Tech Women, Deanna was the Vice President of Programs for the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) for Women and Technology, where she ran all of its programs. Among those programs, she was responsible for growing by 375 percent the largest conference for women in computing in the world, the Grace Hopper Celebration. She is also the founder of the Grace Hopper Celebration in India, starting the first network for women in computing in that country. Deanna was one of those responsible for the 2011 launch of TechWomen, a Silicon Valley-based mentoring program for women in the Middle East and North Africa, created in partnership with the U.S. State Department and the Institute for International Education.

Preceding her work at ABI, Deanna spent 12 years in the enterprise resource planning aspect of the software industry as a consulting manager for systems, product manager and software designer.



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