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Carlos Fernando Argüello Argüello

Carlos Fernando


Network and Telecommunications student in Nicaragua. Arduino programming in an expertise level. I'm a Free Software Advocate. I have served in Linux Mint volunteering in Translations. I'm a general Linux Supporter in Telegram.

Current President: GUL-UCA (Grupo de Usuarios Linux) with Free Software in mind.

Main Linux distributions I rock include Arch Linux for my personal laptop. Ubuntu is my working station distro and Debian is my hobbyist distro.

My Android phone runs Lineage OS, not afraid of bugs and halts. And I'm also living in the bleeding edge branch. KISS lover.


admin linux server, arduino programming c, basic postgresql, emacs, raspberry pi


Angol, Spanyol


  • David Antonio González Blanchard

    Carlos Collaborates with the mozilla community organizing events, giving talks and is an active member of the community since 2017.

  • Fernando Espinoza

    Carlos es un miembro activo de la comunidad, actualmente apoya en la traducción y la documentación dentro del comunidad local.

  • Ana Sofía López Sánchez

    Carlitos es un colaborador muy activo de la comunidad en mozilla Nicaragua. Esta dispuesto a colaborar con los proyectos en mozilla Hispano y brindar difusión :)

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