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Mozillačan wot 6 lět Aug 2014
11:38 Africa/Algiers

walid amriou


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Embedded Systems Engineer, Mozilla rep, writer and Interested in (science, technology and arts), programmer and systems designer.


affiliates, persona, addons, one and done, firefox, linux, arabic mozilla, mozillaiot


,python, .c, .c++, .css3 html5, eagle pcb, electronics, embedded linux, embedded systems, internet of things, mozilla web things


Arabšćina, Algerian arabic, Jendźelšćina, Francošćina


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  • Mohammed Migdadi

    Walid is a kind Mozillian and a great contributor, got the passion and talent to help everyone.

  • Mohammad Abumuailek

    Walid is a great person I admire, and I bet he will change a lot on this planet. Mozilla for him is a way of living, and he gave me the power to become better. We have seed of a leader here, befriend him, and take good care of him.

  • Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

    Walid is a member of the Arabic community.

  • Majda Nafissa Rahal

    Walid is a new member of the Algerian community. He is active is his hometown M'sila.

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