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Stefania Delprete

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I studied Physics in Italy where I started learning what free software and opensource mean, and started programming in C (I learned Turbo Pascal in high school).

UK, 2012-2014

In London interned in ThoughtWorks where I learned Ruby and Java fundamentals, plus tutored a lot of students in Science and offered self-improvement workshops.

Germany, 2015-2016

In Berlin I worked in the GoEuro's QA team and I started collaborating to grow the Mozilla Berliner Community, and I've got more interested in learning Python and Rust.

In the fall 2015 I co-hosted Mozilla Tech Weekend where I gave a talk on what's new in Firefox, and in the Spring 2016 I co-hosted another Mozilla Tech Weekend about IoT and having fun hacking my MindWave with the group.

Since January 2016 I co-created and co-hosted the Open Mozilla Nights, and in September I volunteered at View Source conference.

Italy, 2017-2018

Back in Italy I joined Mozilla Italia community and volunteerd for Python conferences.

I talked about how Rust landed in Firefox via Servo (slides) in Turin and Milan, co-organized the Mozilla track at Merge-it and started a Rust MeetUp in Turin. i currently work as Data Scientist at TOP-IX and BIG DIVE courses' co-organizer.

I offered talks about Common Voice and DeepSpeech at ESC in Venice and Linux Day in Turin.

In addition to tech, I'm really passionate about social entrepreneurship, Physics, Maths, Neurosciences (visual system, consciousness), Jazz, dancing and fruits.

I'm open to travel and collaborate worldwide.


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  • Michael Henretty

    Stefania was a foundational member of the Berlin Mozilla community, helping us plan and execute events, and always showing a positive attitude and curiosity for people and technology. Now that she has moved to Turin Italy, she has been working to build the community there, and continually reaches out to involve Mozilla in the projects she is working on.

  • Florian Merz

    Stefania is an active member of the Berlin Mozilla Community. She helped organizing the Mozilla Tech Weekend in 2015 and did a talk about What's new in Firefox. Furthermore, Stefania is one of the core organizers of the Open Mozilla Nights.

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