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Mozillačan wot 6 lět Jan 2014
Dhanbād, Jharkhand, India
10:43 Indian/Reunion
IRC : Sjneedsu


Encourage many student of my college and also arrange event ..

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I am Mozillian from Jharkhand who love to contribute for open source . I am trying to build Mozilla community in jharkhand and also contribute for Mozilla by app dev , web maker , localization etc . I am Pursing engineering in CSE from BITs Jharkhand . I am in final year of my B tech .. I am crazy about Application Development and also Web development .. I love to maker peer all around ..


thunderbird, web development, addon dev, affiliate, appdeveloper


app development, fuelphp, graphic design, hindi localization, html, java, php, popcornmaker, webmaker, x-ray goggles


Jendźelšćina, Hindišćina


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    He has been a community builder in Sindri, where he is the founder of BIT Sindri Firefox and also guided many people in contributing to Mozilla. I am happy to vouch him.

  • April Morone

    He says he has done a WebMaker even in March of this year. He also showed he is a part of BIT SINDRI Firefox club, to which he linked to me to show me of this. And within that web page has info about the Web Maker event he did. So, I am vouching for him.

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