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Mozillačan wot 4 lět Sep 2015
Uttar Pradesh, India
12:33 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : rajkmaurya111

Raj Kumar Maurya

Raj Kumar Maurya

Take The Web Campaign, Bugzilla, Toolkit, Firefox Product, MozillaScie

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I am a senior (undergraduate) of Computer Science & Engineering programme and have keen interest in knowing new technologies and working in a competitive environment, and also have enthusiasm to learn more and develop things that matters. I am a quick learner and have passion for new technologies to develop great products.


.c, .c++, .css3 html5 javascript jquery python java, .php, a bit of angularjs, database mysql, express js, python


Jendźelšćina, Hindišćina, Chinšćina


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  • Aurelia Moser

    Raj created a Mozilla Study Group and is learning more about the science lab!

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