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Mozillačan wot 8 lět Jul 2010
Prague, Praha, Czechia
23:32 Europe/Prague

Michal Stanke

community, l10n, support

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nda, slack-access


l10n:cs, sumo, support, sf-monument, czech, prague, localization, l10n:translation, europe, berlin l10n workshop 2017, orlando all hands work week 2015


apache storm, basics of javascript, c language, css, hbase, html, java, php, spring framework, wordpress


Čěšćina, Němčina, Jendźelšćina


Eksterne konta


  • Michal Dziewonski

    Michal has contributed immensely to the Czech localization of our Support materials and site that have served really well to all Czech speakers looking for help with Firefox for all platforms and more. He has been an active community member and general all-star Mozillian for quite a while ow - and I hope he'll keep being one!

  • Delphine Lebédel

    Translation and testing of Mozilla products in Czech.

  • Pavel Cvrček

    Translation of Mozilla products into Czech language.

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