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Mozillačan wot 8 lět Aug 2011
Pune, Maharashtra, India
02:27 Asia/Kolkata
IRC : mayur

Mayur Patil

Firefox QA, Coding and Research

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Open source enthusiast trying to work such as it wiill make impact on people's lives. Currently working on QA for FF. Actively looking for Software Engineer job & always ready to learn new technologies mostly open source.

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mozillians, coding, research


algorithms and data structures, docker, openstack, operating system, private cloud computing, python


Jendźelšćina, Hindišćina, Maratišćina


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  • Andrei Vaida

    Mayur's continuous involvement in various Firefox QE events has been of great help to our community. Good work!

  • Cornel Ionce

    Great mozillian! Keep it up with the good work

  • Alexandra Lucinet

    Great mozillian working on Firefox QE. Awesome job!

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