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Mozillačan wot 4 lět Apr 2015
São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
04:43 America/Sao_Paulo

Lucas Coiro

WoMoz Brazil

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UI/UX Designer

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  • João Paulo Polles

    Lucas was a important Mozillian in FISL17. He did take pictures and record all of Mozilla's activities on the Forum. Your pictures was perfects and your videos was be were perfects. Our community need more volunteers like you.

  • Vagner Mbas

    Lucas works with UI / UX Designer is very active in the community and have the desire to contribute more as Mozillian.

  • Geraldo Barros

    Lucas is new in the Mozilla community Brazil and already has made important contributions in the area of user experience, design and engagement in your locality.

  • Cynthia Zanoni

    New Mozillian with inspiration to work in South Brazil. Support with UX, design and engagement in local events like Mozilla Tech Day, BrazilJS and RSJS.

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