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SatyaPrakash Rajput

सत्यप्रकाश राजपूत (सुमित)

Cyber Security Researcher

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I am a Cyber Security Researcher ,I Started Contributing to Open Source and Joined Mozilla in 2016. Mozillian with Faith -"Spread what you Learn"

⦁ Training Students and Professionals Towards Cyber Literacy and Secure Web Surfing ⦁ Experienced Information Technology and Cyber security Researcher ⦁ Graphics Designer ⦁ Entrepreneur ⦁ Technology Enthusiast ⦁ Open Source Contributor ⦁ Cisco Certified Network Associate ⦁ Certified Cyber Security Expert ⦁ Certified Cyber Security Analyst


cyber security, graphics designer, team leading, web developer


Jendźelšćina, Gujarati, Hindišćina


  • Mehul Patel

    Sumit Rajput is one of the active volunteers of Mozilla Gujarat community I have come across. He has provided various sessions on privacy & security and a frame in various institutions to a vast number of participants. He has also helped to organised such mega-events like Maker party Gujarat 2k16, and actively volunteered fests like MSU footprints x8, Community Meetup 2016. Designing graphics is his one of the coolest contribution towards community so far. Keep up good work Sumit. :)

  • Nikhil Patel

    Sumit is one of awesome Mozillian in Gujarat. An Open source enthusiastic.A good speaker,who loves to contributing to open source. One of the active member in Gujarat Community.He is actively contributing towards privacy and security area. I am very pleased to have him with me at the community level and happy to vouch for him.

  • Moin Shaikh

    Sumit has been an amazing Mozillian of our local Mozilla community - Mozilla Gujarat. He is taking charge of so many activities and initiatives ranging from privacy campaigns to evangelism. I am very pleased to have him with me at the community level and happy to vouch for him.

    I wish him great success in his endeavours and look forward to his more tremendous community contributions in coming months.

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