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Eduardo Barros



web development, webmaker, javascript, firefoxos


evangelist, node.js, openweb, pwa, vue.js

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  • Eduardo Urcullu Madrid

    Eduardo has participated (and are participating) as speaker at events in Brazil as FISL, campus party and Latinoware

  • João Lenno do Nascimento Azevedo

    Eduardo Barros is an active and new mozilla Mozilla community in Brazil, in the city of Bandeirantes, Paraná state. Has helped in important events such as the organization of the Campus Party 2014 Recife, where lectured together with other Brazilian Mozillians.

  • Luciana Viana

    Eduardo got involved with the Brazilian community in Jan 2014. Since then he has helped with localization, organizing events and giving talks and presentations. In less then a year he attended FISL15, Campus Party Recife and will be attending Latinoware (October 2014).

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