Sharique Moiz


FSA and a volunteer at Mozilla, FOSS enthusiastic , Goals: to support all communities working for betterment of WEB.

Garantstelling troch

  • Raj Nilayam

    I vouch for Sharique Moiz because he has been a very active contributor of and for Mozilla. He has contributed in many different areas, including Firefox Club and FSA. He was one of the top contributors in helping people in Army of Awesome.Also he has been speaker in many Maker Parties. His contributions can be found at :

  • Rahul Talreja

    Sharique has great contributor from Bhopal Community (India). He has contributed in FSA program, Webmaker and Workshops organised by Community. He is also a Webmaker trainer from Bhopal and has been speaker for various maker parties. His contributions can be found at

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