Michael Schloh von Bennewitz

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Michael Schloh von Bennewitz is a computer scientist and expert on connected devices and network software engineering. He is a founder of the OpenPKG Foundation as well as a contributor to several Open Source projects like Scribus, OpenSIPS, and Tunnelblick (OpenVPN.) He documents technology trends at the Electrotrends News Service and composes articles and books on a variety of topics.

Today, Michael consults for companies on design and implementation of network software, and delivers lectures and workshops on designing Internet of Things networks. Fluent in four languages, Michael's lectures are dynamic, humorous, and well adapted for both technical and non technical audiences. He is the director of Europalab Networks, a research facility and network operations center.

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  • Brian King

    Michael was very active in 2015, and we are looking forward to working together more moving forward in the area of Connected Devices.

  • Mario Behling

    Michael is a can-do person and a hands on computer scientist, who gives talks and workshops at events and organizes meetups. He is active in Europe as well as in the OpenTech community around the world. His passion is network software engineering and exploring hardware-hacks. The community is benefiting vastly through his activities and engagement in organizations pushing open technologies. Thank you!

  • Dave Huseby

    Open source developer working on the Tor Browser Bundle.

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