5 jier Mozillian Jan 2015
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
IRC : ethicaladitya

Aditya Shah


I started contributing in 2015 as a FSA. My key areas of Contribution are SuMo, WebMaker, Geo Stumbling, Technology Evengilsim and Webmaker App Development. I love designing web and apps.


active public speaker, android app, c, cpp, html, php, web development


Ingelsk, Hindi


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  • Abhiram Ravikumar

    I have come to know Aditya as a smart web developer, having seen his work in Firefox OS app development & related projects. Apart from his involvement in campaigns for Mozilla, he has been a vital part of the community in Bhopal as well as his own college to further the goals of Mozilla's FSA program.

    Wishing him all the very best and hoping to see many more contributions in the days to come!

  • April Morone

    I vouch for Aditya Shah because he has been a very active contributor of and for Mozilla. He has contributed in many different areas, including Firefoc Club and FSA; did App Day at Sati Vidisha, organised Mozilla Awareness Day at his college, was a core member of the FoxYeah campaign, and was one of the top ten in Army of Awesome.

  • Rahul Talreja

    i am knowing aditya for past 6 months, he has been active contributor from my region Bhopal, India. His key areas are SuMo, Webmaker and Geolocation. Also he is the student ambassador club lead from his college and has made major contributions in managing great events that occurred in past in our region (Foxyeah Campaing, etc)

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