6 jier Mozillian Oct 2014
Abidjan, Abidjan, Ivory Coast
22:01 Africa/Abidjan
IRC : diomabb


Reps , FSA (Senior) ,SUMO ,Localisation, MDN ,Events organiser


I'm Abbackar DIOMANDE , computer sciences engineer. Reps Mozilla From Ivory Coast . Passionnate about web ,marketing , technology and Mozilla. I work with Mozilla engagement community team from Cote d'Ivoire and contribute to several Mozilla projects , SUMO, MDN, localisation .


affiliates, air mozilla, bugzilla, fx-team, army of awesome, business development, boot2gecko, app development, paris l10n/qa hackathon 2015


.css3 html5, 7 yrs of windows 7 experience, adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, blog writing, community managment, developpement marketing, digital-marketing, english to french translation, firefox os evangelist, local event organiser, localization, public speaker, recruiter for mozilla community, recruiting, recruitment, social entreneurship


Dyula, Ingelsk, Frânsk, Mandingo


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  • Tshepo Tamajobe

    Mr Diomande is a very passionate Mozillian and a very inspirational leader in the Mozilla Ivory Coast community. He leads the African FSA program with great example and was voted FSA of the month last year. He is an awesome Mozilla REPS and SUMO leader as well. Thank you for your leadership and being a great role model to Mozillians all over the continent Abbackar Diomande

  • Michal Dziewonski

    Abbackar has done an awesome job of engaging his local community in Mozilla's mission, including the SUMO bit :-) Thank you, Abbackar!

  • KOUADIO M'man Ange Manuela

    Aboubacar is a contributor that began one year ago and dedication to the program, it just been voted best FSA in November, 2015. He organized seven events in a year and participates in other events in the community. He did a good job and it's a pleasure to work with him

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