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Mozillien depuis 5 ans Apr 2015
Pune, Maharashtra, India
05:28 Asia/Kolkata

Sumedh Bhalerao

Tech and Privacy Evangelist


I have been contributing to Mozilla since 2015. I have worked in various areas like Support Mozilla, Mozilla Location Service, Community building and management, Webmaker and Web Literacy.

I am currently working on Tech Evangelism and community building.

Apart from this, I work closely with Mozilla Pune community. I Evangelize for InfoSec communities throughout India. I have been a part of InfoSec culture in India for more than 3 years.

I belong to Mozilla Pune (India) Community and I am the Owner of Mozilla Pune Evangelism Task Force.

I love to help people and you can drop me a message in case of any queries.


,python, .java, android, information security


Anglais, Hindi, Marathe

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  • Siddhartha Rao

    Sumedh has been an active and forthcoming Mozillian since he joined in. He specializes in evangelism, community building, and privacy and security domain. He was also a part of the Zeal Firefox and PICT club launch, 2 renowned colleges in Pune. I have always seen him come up with various ideas for the community and makes efforts to execute them. I think he is a valuable asset to the community.

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