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Pascal Chevrel


I work for Mozilla and my role since 2016 is to reboot the Firefox Nightly channel so as to get back the love of the geeks and get them involved in the very production process of Mozilla. Either we get them back or we disappear. If you feel like you have some technical skills that could help (and that doesn't mean coding!), help Mozilla get back to its roots compete and beat Chrome, contact me or ping me on IRC in the #nightly channel.

Mozilla contributor since 2001 in Events organization, Tech evangeslism, community building, extension writing, a few patches in Firefox UI, localization, support and marketing projects, Press Relations, QA and technical community building (yeah, you get to do a lot of different things in 15 years ;) )

I used to be the first Mozilla spokesperson for Spain and helped create the first sites in Spanish about Mozilla.

I created and am one of the French community leaders.

I participated in creating several major Mozilla portals, projects and tools. I wrote one of the first books about Firefox and Thunderbird published in France in 2005 :)

I am a FLOSS hacktivist, Linux user and as a PHP programmer I lead the Transvision project with a few other mozillians, patches welcome btw ;)

You can contact me on IRC, my nickname is pascalc and I am usually in the #nightly channel (CET timezone). If you want to email me, send me a message at pascalθmozilla·com

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