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Mozillien depuis 3 ans Jan 2015
08:11 Asia/Dhaka

Mohaimenul Adnan

মুহায়মিনুল হক আদনান

Develop Apps


A dynamic entrepreneur who utilises creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create customer value. Effective communicator with great client relationship history. Skilled at full-stack web development on LAMP stack. Have indepth knowledge of WordPress themes and plugins development.

Besides web development, a bachelor student and active competitive programmer.


angularjs, api, css3, git, html5, javascript, jquery, laravel, less, php, scss, wordpress


Bengali, Anglais

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  • Jayesh Katta Ramalingaiah

    Adnan is a developer evangelist and contributed to MDN and open source devs project. He is also a Developer relationship manager of Sylhet Mozillians community.

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