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Mozillien depuis 5 ans May 2013
Nairobi, Nairobi Area, Kenya
12:08 Africa/Nairobi
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Dennis Ndegwa

Localization, Firefox OS, Webmaker


I am a young Kenyan with a passion for Mozilla. Ever since I started using the browser, it has been my browser of choice. I also believe in Mozilla's mandate of creating a free web that is not controlled by a group of individuals. Together we can achieve this. Mozilla rep.

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Anglais, Swahili

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  • Alex Wafula

    Dennis is an active contributor with the Mozilla community in Kenya and has demonstrated great leadership in supporting new and existing contributors. He's also had meaningful contributions towards localizing FxOS to Swahili and was part of the DSO research project ( participating as a workshop facilitator, curriculum designer

  • Stephen Wanjau

    He has made meaningful contributions on L10n for the Swahili locale. He is also an active member of the Mozilla Kenya community and he has helped with a few events planning as well.

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