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Jamie Charlton

Testing and QA on Firefox OS


I am Jamie, I have worked on several projects with Mozilla, I have worked a lot in QA and teaching new contributors. I have worked on the Firefox OS project doing QA, worked on Firefox doing QA, and i working as the tech person for the Mozilla USA community which we are in the process of resetting. I have helped out with Mozilla for about 3 years now and have learned quite a lot and look forward to working on and learning a bunch of new things. Right now i am working on several personal projects, for example i am working on 3d rendering like . I plan on working on many things in the future both personal and mozilla.


boot2gecko, firefox os testing, firefox os community, sf-monument, about:credits


.css3 html5, javascript, manual testing, qa tester


Allemand, Anglais

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  • Noitidart

    Such an amazing and self-less contributor to Moz QA, his bugzilla profile speaks for itself:

  • Tom Farrow

    He has a ridiculous amount of work done in the last 2 months in QA, and is doing great work giving away flames at the work week.

  • Parul Mathur

    Jamie is a contributor to FirefoxOS quality assurance.

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