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Amy Lovendaal

Amy Lovendaal


Advocate of animal rights (I want the bio-industry gone !). Passionate about music: pop/rock, easy jazz , country and classical.

'Love the support forum; when I succeed in solving somebody's problem: that's great, but when I manage to put a smile on somebody's face: that's even better !

Parrainé(e) par

  • Wesley Branton

    Amy is a tremendous asset to Mozilla. She regularly assists users on the Firefox Support Forums (SUMO), while being compassionate about their frustrations. Her responses are personalized, rather than the cut and paste responses we see far too often in the technical support space. Most importantly, she is continually looking for ways to improve Mozilla for the benefit of those we serve.

  • John Hesling

    A new contributor to SUMO, but with a meteoric rise in to the top contributors list within a few weeks. In the sumoblog [What’s Up with SUMO – 15th September] ( mentioned as a contributor of the week.

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