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Usman Khalid

I designed the logo for Mozilla Pakistan


Serial Pizza Eater | Web & Graphic Designer | UI – UX Specialist | Identity & Branding Guru | Enthusiast Gamer | Film Fanatic | Football Aficionado

Pourquoi je contribue


branding, graphic design, pizza eating, ui design, ux design

Parrainé(e) par

  • Muhammad Mehmood Ali

    Usman Khalid gave identity to mozilla pakistan which is big contribution to the community. Here's the link to the logo he designed:

  • Huda Sarfraz

    Usman has been helping the Mozilla Pakistan community establish an online and visual identity by creating design assets. One of his key contributions so far has been the design of the logo for the Pakistan community:

  • Shahmir Khan

    Usman Khalid has recently joined our local Mozilla community after winning the Mozilla Pakistan logo design competition. He gave us the identity of our community and now continues to help in spreading Mozilla's mission in Pakistan with his creative designs. Here's the link to the logo he designed:

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