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Mozillien depuis 5 ans Apr 2015
IRC : nishu

Nishigandha yadav

FSA ,#FirefoxFriends,Spreads Mozilla's mission!


I'm an open source contributor & currently working as FSA ,former leader of Zeal Firefox Club...I like to work with open source communities, I'm passionate about Mozilla & trying to spread knowledge about web and web privacy! Overall I am a Developer|Artist|enthusiastic person|Good Learner

Pourquoi je contribue


firefox student ambassadors, l10n:translation, mozilla india, army of awesome, communications


c and c++, html and css, java, java scripts, mongodb, python, sql


Anglais, Goudjerati, Hindi, Japonais, Marathe

Parrainé(e) par

  • indrani banerjee

    she is a potential Mozillan and lead zeal Firefox club.

  • Abdelrahman Samy

    Nishigandha is one of the most active contributors in Zeal Firefox Club and have a great contributions in her local community.

  • Siddhartha Rao

    Nishigandha is an FSA & Club Lead from Zeal Institutes. She initiated the Zeal Firefox Club which showed a leadership quality in her and an inspiration to WoMoz! Nishigandha is truely a zealous and a deserved mozillian and it is justified by all the efforts taken by her from the very event. Keep it up Nishigandha and continue the good work!

    You can check out the event details on theri wiki page:

  • Mahmood Abdul-Hameed Al-Qudah

    Nishigandha yadav - Firefox Student Ambassador and leading Zeal Firefox Club


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