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Mozillien depuis 7 ans Jan 2013
Rieti, Latium, Italy
20:16 Europe/Rome
IRC : Mte90

Daniele Scasciafratte

Developer, Evangelist, Mentor


Co-Founder and CTO of a Web Agency in Rome, Codeat. Core Contributor of WordPress, member of the WordPress Italia community as PTE and WP Rome meetup co-organizer. President of Industria Italiana del software libero (Italian association for professional that work with open source software).

"My friends say that I am an OpenSource Multiversal that is the best way to explain myself in few words"

Actual: Mozilla TechSpeakers, Mozilla Rep (2 years in Mozilla Reps Council)

He has contributed as contributor:

  • RepsNext and many meetings about Reps
  • Reps Regional Coach
  • Reps Mobilizer for Addon in Italy
  • Translation for Italians stuff
  • Involved with Italian Firefox Vademecum
  • Involved In Open Design for coding issues
  • Mozilla Italia Participation Team
  • Leading Common Voice for Italian

He has contributed as developer:

Old Programs: TBTW Coach Campaign, Foxfooding program, TCP program participant, Apps on Flame, Firefox OS App Days, Mozilla Club Captain, Mozilla Campus Club Regional Coordinator.

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bash, css, debian, firefox, html, italy, l10n:it, linux, mozilla italia, python, qt, sf-monument, web development, mozspeakers, coding, developer tools, social contributors, evangelism, europe, mentor, events, wordpress, javascript, developer engagement, php, addons, techspeakers, contributor engagement, marketing, localization, program management


addons, bash, coaching, community building, community engagement, contribute, css, debian, evangelist, foss speaker, javascript, jquery, kde, linux, nodejs, open source, participation, php, python, qt, wordpress


Anglais, Espéranto, Espagnol, Italien

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Parrainé(e) par

  • Henrik Mitsch

    Daniele is a Mozilla Rep and regular contributor to Participation Systems.

  • Hallvord Reiar Michaelsen Steen

    Contributed actively to handling our site compatibility bugs in Italy and also organised other volunteers to help out.

  • Amy Tsay

    Daniele is an active contributor, developer, evangelist, and localizer. He was also the Marketplace contributor of the month for Sep 2014:

  • Francesco Lodolo

    Daniele is a member of the Italian community, helped with the Firefox OS training during the launch in Italy, and also active in meetings and events about Firefox OS.

  • Havi Hoffman

    Daniele contributes to Mozilla in many ways - as an Open Web app developer, app localizer, Marketplace day participant, recruiter of new contributors -- an all-around good guy and splendid Mozillian.

  • Jason Weathersby

    Daniele has helped a lot of developers with Firefox OS, translations, and presenting Mozilla technologies.


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