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Samuel Flores Moraes

Community Infrastructure Management, Marketing and WebDev

Recomendado por

  • Luigui Delyer

    This young guy is awesome. He makes our own web infra and he do a good job!

  • Luciana Viana

    Fantastic Developer. Active Brazilian Mozillian

  • Andre Garzia

    Our fantastic webmaster and key mozillian! Helped organize many events and has a great future ahead of him.

  • Guilherme Costa Berghauser

    Active Brazilian contributor. Mozillian Brazil infrastructure :D

  • Raniere Gaia Costa da Silva

    Samuel cleaned the Mozilla Brazil Infrastructure and is keeping it running since then. Without Samuel's help will be much difficult to we coordinate our work in Brazil.

    Beside the technical side, Samuel also helped a lot at Mozilla organization for 2014 edition of FISL (the biggest FLOSS event in Brazil), is at the head of Mozilla organization for 2014 edition of Latinoware (the second biggest FLOSS event in Brazil) and also gave lots of talks about Firefox OS.

  • Ricardo Luis Zanetti Panaggio

    Samuel is one of the most active members of Mozilla Brasil. Actually, he's the most active member of Mozilla Brasil in my opinion. He does so much to the community!

    He's one of the most active event organizers. He helped us organize FISL15, and without his help it would've been much worse. And he's already organizing big events on his own now.

    He also takes care of Mozilla Brasil infrastructure almost alone. Without him, we'd be living in the dark ages.

    He's our very own Tom Farrow.


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