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Bragança Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil
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Marcus Saad


“'Free software' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of 'free' as in 'free speech,' not as in 'free beer'.”

Located between Brazil and Canada, I'm a Firefox developer and reviewer/translator dealing with Firefox OS articles at Support Mozilla Brazil. My hobbies includes playing Magic, paintball, video games and long hours watching movies.

Mozilla is growing and the need of a better and well organized community shows up in Brazil. One of my efforts nowadays is to strengthen the bonds of the community and bring new contributors to it.

Presenter of several Firefox OS talks around Brazil, I aim to distribute and share my knowledge. I'm also a strong L10N contributor and maintainer of several projects.

Feel free to contact me ~msaad


firefox development, firefox os translation, l10n:review, l10n:translation, support mozilla, webmaker, mozspeakers


c, community management, cpp, firefox os, javaee, javascript, leadership, php, python, regionalization, test automation


Inglés, Español, Portugués

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Recomendado por

  • Melissa C. Devens

    Marcus is one of the most active members of our community. He participated in a lot of events around the Brazil talking about Firefox OS. He also worked hard in localization of many projects and helped in others initiatives like SuMo, WebVTT and Firefox OS.

  • Luciana Viana

    Fantastic Brazilian Mozillian - very active

  • Andre Garzia

    Very active Mozillian. Speaker at many events and key contributor.

  • Andrea Balle

    Marcus is an active contributor of Mozilla Brazil. His contributions include helping other Mozillians on the mailing list, making massive contributions for localization and organizing/being staff in Mozilla events in Brazil.

  • Ricardo Luis Zanetti Panaggio

    Marcus is one of the most active members of Mozilla Brasil.

    He's one of the most active (probably the most active) contributors of pt-br localization of several products.

    He's one of the most active speakers and heralds, talking about Firefox OS, Webmaker and several other areas.

    He has also helped on the organization of several events in Brazil.

    He has also helped on several other initiatives like SuMo, WebVTT, Firefox OS, ...

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